The Cast

The Crew

Courtney Dietz (Sybil McIntyre)

Bobbie Parker (Writer/Producer)

Courtney Dietz is an actor based right smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Those who frequent a very small and specific region of central Illinois may know her for her portrayals of Pegeen Mike in Playboy of the Western World or Harper Pitt in Angels in America: Millennium Approaches at Illinois College, where she received her BA in theatre in 2017. Catch her being both funny and charming on twitter @msghostamerica. For preferably professional purposes, she can be contacted at

“Your voice is so sweet, it makes me just want to grab a cupcake and curl up next to the radio.” - Unknown man at a regional high school speech competition, said to Courtney after learning she was not going to state in Radio Speaking.

David McManus (The Announcer)

David McManus is a Telecommunications test engineer. This detail ony matters as it has earned him the funding to do voices on the Internet. He is a giant nerd. I mean he really is, he took acting classes to improve his role play ability for Dungeons and Dragons, which led David to three wonderful years with the improv troupe "My heart surgeon will go on". When he isn't being a nerd, he tries his best to get lost forever in a foreign country, write songs that don't make him cringe and learn German. To his dismay, he has yet to succeed in any of the three. At the moment David is working his way into the voice over industry. For enquiries he can be contacted at

Cory Ensle (The Presenter/Credits)

Cory Ensle is a Pittsburgh based artist studying Animation and Visual Effects at Point Park University. In her free time she is an avid concert goer and supporter of the local visual and performing arts scene. Very anti cilantro. Very pro ska-punk. Want some art of your own and like helping out a broke college kid? Check out Cory’s commissions! You can also reach her at for any other art or voice acting matters!

Bobbie is a writer, actor, and soon-to-be library sciences grad student currently living near Washington, DC. Her passions include Romantic literature, genre fiction, narrative structure, ghost stories, the many fascinating features of the humble platypus, and her cat Freddie Mercury. She tweets erratically at @monocletreme and she is still amazed every moment that all of this is happening.

Em Broude (Logo/Art)

Em Broude is an engineering student masquerading as someone who knows how graphic design works. When they aren't doing math, building robots, or messing around on Photoshop, they can be found sleeping under the stages of shows they've sound designed. They can be found at or @risky_standard on Twitter, and are still very confused as to how they got here.

Morgan Jackson (Original Music)

Morgan Jackson is a composer and performer from Boston, MA, currently based in NYC. He graduated from Yale in 2018 with a B.S. in chemistry, but realized his senior year that his true passions lie in music! As well as writing and producing music, he also plays French Horn, and you can find the soundtrack to Midnight Radio and his other works at

Tom Regan (Production Assistance)

Tom Regan has been involved in film, theater, and radio for over 40 years. He worked in the apprentice directors program at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the artistic director of the Theater Arts Guild, Canada's oldest amateur theater company, for several years in the 80s. He is one of the founders of Upstart Theater, a professional theater company created to present the plays of Nova Scotian playwrights. He has written scripts for Canada's National Film Board and written and hosted documentaries for CBC TV.. He also wrote and acted in numerous dramas for CBC radio and was an original member of "the Seal Club", a comedy troupe that performed on local radio and in live performances for many years in Halifax.