Episode 6: Ache

Some things return. Others are lost.

David McManus is the Announcer.
Courtney Dietz is Sybil McIntyre.
Cory Ensle is the Presenter.

Midnight Radio is written by Bobbie Parker.
Our original music by Morgan Jackson, and can be purchased along with Morgan’s other work at wedidthetimewarpagain.bandcamp.com.
Show cover art is by Em Broude, who can be found at riskystandard.tumblr.com.

Transcripts of the show are available on our official website at martletradio.com.
Content warnings for this episode: static (0.00–0.15), homophobia, terminal illness, death, grief.

Sound effects used:
“Tuning AM radio” by CGEffex
“FM Radio Static” by caculo
”Old radio switch” by eneibol
“Open letter and reading” by dersuperanton